ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.50-08


ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.50-08

Thickness Design of Ductile-Iron Pipe American Water Works Association / 01-Dec-2008 / 64 pages


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This standard covers the thickness design of ductile iron pipe complying with the requirements of ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51, Ductile Iron Pipe, Centrifugally Cast, for Water. Includes an outline of the design procedure and an example with the basis of design or design method. The bulk of the standard comprises tables that list thicknesses for standard laying conditions and certain depths of cover, water working pressure, working pressures and maximum depths of cover for standard laying conditions and standard pressure classes, and special thickness classes of ductile iron pipe.

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This product references:AASHTO T 99-01 (2009) - Standard Method of Test for Moisture-Density Relations of Soils Using a 2.5-kg (5.5-lb) Rammer and a 305-mm (12-in.) Drop
ANSI/AWWA C115/A21.15-05 - Standard for Flanged Ductile-Iron Pipe With Threaded Flanges
ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51-02 - American National Standard for Ductile-Iron Pipe, Centrifugally Cast, for Water
ANSI/AWWA C600-05 - Installation of Ductile-Iron Water Mains and Their Appurtenances
ANSI/AWWA C606-04 - Grooved and Shouldered Joints
ASTM D2487-06e1 - Standard Practice for Classification of Soils for Engineering Purposes (Unified Soil Classification System)
ASTM D3282-93(2004)e1 - Standard Practice for Classification of Soils and Soil-Aggregate Mixtures for Highway Construction Purposes
This product referenced by:ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51-09 - Thickness Design of Ductile-Iron Pipe
ANSI/AGA Z380109 - Thickness Design of Ductile-Iron Pipe
ANSI/AWWA C600-10 - Thickness Design of Ductile-Iron Pipe
This product replaces:ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.50-02 - American National Standard for Thickness Design of Ductile-Iron Pipe

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ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.50-08
AWWA C150-02 Erratum
ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.50-02
ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.50-96

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