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COMPRESSED GAS ASSOCIATION CGA publications address a wide range of standards, technical information and recommendations for best practices in the manufacture, storage, transportation, distribution, and use of industrial gases, cryogenic liquids and other products, including gas-handling equipment. Most Popular Titles From CGA: CGA G-2.1 / ANSI K61.1-1999 American National Standard Safety Requirements for the Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia CGA P-1 Safe Handling of Compressed Gases in Containers, Eleventh Edition CGA C-6 Standards for Visual Inspection of Steel Compressed Gas Cylinders CGA G-4.1 Cleaning Equipment for Oxygen Service CGA G-1 Acetylene CGA C-1 Methods for Pressure Testing of Compressed Gas Cylinders, Tenth Edition CGA G-4.4 Industrial Practices for Gaseous Oxygen Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems CGA C-6.3 Guidelines for Visual Inspection and Requalification of Low Pressure Aluminum Compressed Gas Cylinders CGA G-5.5 Hydrogen Vent Systems CGA C-6.1 Standards for Visual Inspection of High Pressure Aluminum Compressed Gas Cylinders