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The International Commission on Illumination - abbreviated as CIE from its French title Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage - is a technical, scientific and cultural organization devoted to the art and science of lighting. CIE publishes Standards, Technical Reports and Recommendations prepared by technical committees, with 100+ publications in print. Joint publications include the IEC/CIE International Lighting Vocabulary and ISO/CIE Standards. CIE has been accepted as representing the best authority on the subject and is recognized by ISO as an international standardization body.

Most Popular Titles From CIE:
CIE 015:2004
Colorimetry, 3rd edition
CIE 127-2007
Measurement of LEDs
CIE 013.3-1995
Method of measuring and specifying colour rendering properties of light sources
CIE 088:2004
Guide for the lighting of road tunnels and underpasses, 2nd ed.
CIE 150:2003
Guide on the limitation of the effects of obtrusive light from outdoor lighting installations
CIE 177:2007
Colour Rendering of White LED Light Sources
CIE 115:2010
Lighting of Roads for Motor and Pedestrian Traffic
CIE 084-1989
Measurement of luminous flux
CIE 140-2000
Road Lighting Calculations (Includes Rev. 2)
CIE 069-1987
Methods of characterizing illuminance meters and luminance meters: Performance, characteristics and specifications

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