ANSI/HI 11.6-2012


ANSI/HI 11.6-2012

Rotodynamic Submersible Pumps - for Hydraulic Performance, Hydrostatic Pressue, Mechanical and Electrical Acceptance Tests (ANSI/HI 11.6 - 2012) Hydraulic Institute / 05-Jun-2012 / 56 pages


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This standard applies to customer acceptance testing of submersible pumps driven by induction motors, unless otherwise agreed or specified. A submersible pump is defined as a close-coupled pump/motor unit designed to operate submerged in the pumped liquid. This definition includes submersible pumps operating in either a wet-pit or dry-pit environment. A standard test measures pump performance from suction flange to discharge flange and electrical input power. It does not include accessory items, such as discharge elbows, suction fittings, or valves, unless specified by a contractual agreement.

Information in the standard may be applied to pumps of any size and to any pumped liquids behaving as clean cold water. This standard does not deal with the structural details of the pump or with the mechanical properties of their components.

a) Submersible pump designs included are:

1) Semipermanent/pull-up/wet-pit types

2) Dry-pit/dry-installed types

3) Portable/flexible discharge types

4) Chopper/cutter/grinder types

5) Close-coupled types

6) Integral electric motor types

b) The following pump types are excluded:

1) Fractional horsepower (hp)

2) Nonrotodynamic (PD, PC types)

3) Line shaft

4) Mixers and agitators

5) Deep well pumps/bore-hole pumps

This product replaces:ANSI/HI 11.6-2001 - Submersible Pump Tests

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