Revision H, January 2021

Handbook and Guide to Supplement J-STD-001

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Description / Abstract:

IPC-HDBK-001, Revision H, January 2021 - Handbook and Guide to Supplement J-STD-001

This Handbook is a companion reference to the J-STD-001 (standard) and is intended to provide supporting information. 

Additional detailed information can be found in documents referenced within the standard (and this Handbook). Users are encouraged to reference those documents to better understand the applicable subject areas. 

Although this Handbook uses mandatory terminology, e.g., shall, must, etc., nothing within this Handbook is considered mandatory unless this document is specified as a mandatory requirement in the contract documentation. 

The intent of this Handbook is to capture ‘‘how and why’’ information and give more background for the specification limits and how they were derived. In addition, other supporting information is provided to give a broader understanding of the process considerations needed to produce acceptable hardware. 

NOTE: The revision of this Handbook was revised in an attempt to align with the base document/standard at the same revision. Please check for the latest revision or for any amendment(s) that may include changes that could alter explanations for how and why, or more detailed discussions on criteria. 


The Handbook describes materials, methods, and verification criteria that, when applied as recommended or required, will produce quality soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. The intent of the Handbook is to explain the ‘‘how-to,’’ the ‘‘why,’’ and fundamentals for these processes, in addition to implementing control over processes rather than depending on end-item inspection to determine product quality. 

The J-STD-001 and the IPC-HDBK-001 do not exclude any acceptable process used to make the electrical connections, if the methods used will produce completed solder joints conforming to the acceptability requirements of the standard.

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